Wednesday, October 13, 2010

12.Put on hold

So obviously you can see that I have not been very active lately, not because I have just been lazy but things have came up in my life that hasn't given me much free time. Between family, school, and life problems it has been very hard to find time in my day to keep up. BUT  I will try putting forth more of an effort to finish this book and start finding some ways to get it published. I hope that nobody has given up on me and will periodically keep checking back for more updates! Thanks

Sunday, August 8, 2010

11. I'm back!

Alright so for everyone that think I feel off the face of the earth I'm sorry to report I am still here! I FINALLY sat down called my mother and got her to get my book transferred over to this computer! I wasted a month of no progress in writing my book, but I am determined to get back on track even with school starting.
Anyways back to businesses, I recently joined this site called Fluther, it's where you ask questions and answer them. One of the questions I asked was how do I get my blog to be read, some were helpful however others not so much. I got a question about my question, uh I'm pretty sure your her to help me not question me but that's not important. The reason I bring this up is because why not ask the people  know that actually have people reading and following their blog! So tell me how do you get your blog read or know someone that does? I also wanted to bring this up someone said that my followers could care less about whats going on in my life and humor you, that I should focus on my book and nothing else, what do you think? Today I'm going to try and get back to writing. Leave me comments, thanks!